We appreciate all the support we received from local businesses, national corporations, the Village of Algonquin and You recovering from a very trying year allowing us to celebrate being TOGETHER AGAIN.

We look forward to the next time we can bring some Founders’ fun to the community. Until then, the Committee and staff will begin optimistic planning for 2022.

We can always do better and that is our goal each and every year. We are however getting light on the volunteer and participation side in order to run all of our events each year. We just don’t have enough people to support all the events you’ve come to know and love so without people…we have to cut back.  We don’t want to obviously but we’re asking for anyone to come out and give back. If you have an idea for any new events like BBQ Cookoff, Bags Tournament, Sunday Funday, or any other idea, we’re listening. Please reach out to us.

For any inquiries, ideas, volunteer to help, or local or community donations  you can always reach us at or call our hotline 847-242-1589


The All-Volunteer Founders’ Days Committee